The tournament is organized by Continental Citygolf Club.

Form of competition: Individual stableford based game in 9 stages

Dates & location: 1037 Budapest, Perényi út 6.

  • 8 May, Saturday 10:00*
  • 5 June, Saturday 10:00
  • 3 July, Saturday 10:00
  • 28 August, Saturday 10:00
  • 25 September, Saturday 10:00


  • 9.00: arrival, Score card registration
  • 10.00-12.00: golf tournament with shotgun start
  • 12: 00-13: 00: lunch at the terrace
  • 13.00-13.30: announcement of the results

Entry fees:

  • For Continental Citygolf Club members: 6,500 HUF
  • For external players: 6500 HUF + green fee
  • For Junior players with Continental Citygolf Club membership: 3250 HUF
  • For external Junior players: 3250 HUF + Junior green fee

Entry: It is possible until 12.00 o’clock on the day before the competition, at the reception of Continental Citygolf Club or via e-mail: or phone: +36 20 275 5547, or through the Golfigo system

*In the first run only 44 person available to join.

Conditions of the competition: The competition series is organized in accordance with the R&A rules, the Competition Rules of the Hungarian Golf Association and the local rules valid during the competition.

Participants: All amateur golfers with a valid HCP rating are eligible to play. The competition is an HCP modifier. 

Hitting places by category

  • Women's U12 Junior: Red
  • Male, Senior, U14-U16-U18 Junior: yellow

Prescribed round: 9 holes

Composition of groups: Participants in the competition will be classified according to HCP order in 4-people flights. The start happens in shotgun system.

Members of the competition committee: Gábor Csikós, Adrienn Pintér

Award winners

  • Women's Net 1-3.
  • Men's Net 1-3.
  • Senior Net 1-3.
  • Junior Net 1-3.
  • Gross 1.
  • Longest Drive
  • Nearest to the pin

Use of a golf cart: According to the competition rules of the Hungarian Golf Association (senior players over the age of 70 and players on the MGSZ ’list of those entitled to use a golf cart’).

Use of rangefinders: the club allows the use of rangefinders as long as it does not slow down the pace of the game.

Awards: golf souvenirs provided by BMW

Main prize of the tournament series: Continental Citygolf Club 2022 annual membership
After the last competition in the series, the grand prize will be awarded by ranking in each category.
The more tournaments a player enters, the more times their name will be included in the draw hat. The tournament series consists of 5 rounds, so a player's name can be included in the hat up to five times. The more times a player starts in tournaments, the better their chances of winning the grand prize.

The Competition Committee reserves the right to make changes.


Members of the Hungarian Senior Golfers' Association can compete on the renewed Continental Citygolf Club again this year.

Entry: until 16:00 the day before the competition at the reception of the Continental Citygolf Club or by e-mail: and by phone: +36 20 275 5547

Entry fee: 2,000 HUF for Continental Citygolf Club members and 6,000 HUF for other Senior Club members.

The competition will be held on a total of 7 dates, the best 4 from the results of these rounds will be selected and the followings will be awarded:

  •  the best gross result
  •  Net 1st place senior man
  •  Net 1st place senior woman

Dates 2021:

  • 26 April 14:00-16:00
  • 31 May 14:00-16:00
  • 21 June 14:00-16:00
  • 26 July 14:00-16:00
  • 23 August 14:00-16:00
  • 20 September 14:00-16:00
  • 25 October 14:00-16:00

Form of the competition: Stroke play, HCP modification possible

Start of the competition: Tee time can be booked between 14:00 and 17:00. A minimum of 2 people must apply for a tee time.

Striker: An age- and gender-appropriate opponent

Score card: The score card must be signed by the competitors and their markers as soon as possible after the end of the game at the golf reception. If the players have submitted the score card, they no longer have the opportunity to modify or correct it.

Announcement of the final results: After the result of the last competition 25.10.2021.

Use of golf car: It is possible to use an electric car according to the Competition Rules of the Hungarian Golf Association.

Committee: 1 person from Continental Citygolf Club, 1 person from the Association.

To protect your own health and the health of others, we ask you to:

  • keep a distance of at least 2 m
  • do not operate the flag
  • do not use a rake in the sand bunker, adjust the sand with your feet and bat
  • do not shake hands after the race, avoid contact
  • the score card should be held and written by one person
  • use hand sanitizer


A special summer week for children.

We are welcoming children between the ages of 7 and 18, who are willing to learn the basics of golf in small groups of min. 6.

The 5-day camp (Monday-Friday) costs 60 000 HUF/child, this price also inculdes meals twice a day.


  • 2021. JUNE 28-JULY 2.
  • 2021. JULY 12-16.
  • 2021. AUGUST 23-27.

Daily programmes:

  • 09.00-09.30: Arrival, gathering
  • 09.30-10.00: Breakfast together
  • 10.00-12.00: Golf lessons
  • 12.00-14.00: Lunch together
  • 14.00-16.00: Golf lessons

For further information or for application contact Kinga Csikós through phone +36 70 4545 8r65 or e-mail:

We also provide rackets and balls during education. Our request is that you provide your children with clothing according to the weather and put on them closed shoes, and in case of hot weather, think about putting sunscreen and a hat in the bag!

By the professional organisation of Golfiesta SE with Gábor Csikós and Kristóf Eiring.